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Welcome, to the Skyforge Guardian!

Greetings Immortals!

It’s been some time since we last spoke… almost two years! Only a few may remember my identity as “Aelion Herald”. These days I go by Skyforge Guardian. [Aelion Herald 1 & 2]

So many things have happened since then! Revenants have been released from captivity to join our forces, and Tessa has finally returned to Aelion. We still don’t have the full back story on what she has been up to, however, guess what, she brought along with her new powers, the knowledge of the Grovewalkers! Oh, and might we add, congratulations to all immortals who are now on the Path of the Elder Divinity.

But let’s leave this topic for another time and focus on the task at hand: this new portal.

I have decided to join forces with a group of strong and knowledgeable individuals, with the goal of discovering and spreading information about subjects that are extremely important to our fellow Immortals.

The information presented here is the first part of our ongoing campaign to create a vast and solid base for our brave gods, but fear not: we are already working on more volumes to be added to our extensive library.

Welcome to the Skyforge Guardian!

If there’s any information that you might need, that we don’t have on our tomes yet, leave us a message and we will look for it!

Thank you for your visit, and see you around! Until then, and ASCEND!