Story of Mash'Haad

Mash’haad is the guard of the Astral Gates. He received this name in ancient times. Mash’haad used to be a common imp, the weakest and most vulnerable unit of the astral legion, but then one day he became trapped in a distortion. Multiple rebirth cycles and time spent on Aelion changed him. He became stronger and more dangerous.

Boss Abilities

The Battlefield of Mash´haad

The Battlefield is split into 2 area, the normal dimension and the Astral dimension. Between the Astral and our dimension is an Astral wall. If you hits the Wall you will die – “Teleportation are beautiful and dangerous if you don’t look forward”

Mash’haad covers himself with plasma, being transported in space to a random player, and then explodes, causing damage to everyone around the player and pushing them apart.

The demon gathers energy in one hand and releases a beam of plasma into a random player, which gradually increases in damage.

Mash’haad creates a gate that moves around the room and sucks in all players that will get in its way.

In the arena appear funnels, ejecting energy clots.

When Mash’haad weakens, he asks the Fury of Healing to help him and restore his health. Furies come from the astral plane and cast a healing sphere at the demon.

Filled with power, Mash’haad pushes all the gods to the wall and opens several astral gates that summon demons. These gates feed the boss and make him immune to damage. Next to the gates there may be a divine spark.

How do I get the God spark?

After Mash´haad reach the point he is taking no damage. In the Astral dimension, will appear the God sparks.
The God must kill all Portals.