Story of Nerig'Khor

Nerig’hor is rightfully considered one of the most powerful and dangerous creatures of the astral legion. This demon is so powerful that it can trigger astral storms on its own, and his body can easily move from the astral into the real world and back. 

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Nerig’Khor

At the edges of the arena are six astral spheres, which periodically emit astral emanations. 

Emanations are sent to the boss and, if achieved, defend him with a shield for 15 seconds. 

Emanation can be intercepted. Then Nerig’Khor will settle on the character and fall away from them during the breakthrough, forming a zone of astral distortion on the floor. 

The bearer of the astral emanation receives an accumulating vulnerability. All subsequent emanations will inflict damage to them.

Nerig’Khor periodically calls the aid of demons. Monsters eventually lose their stock of life and at death create large areas of astral distortion. Around these zones there is a zone of astral alienation – if, at the death of the demon, its zone of astral alienation intersects with the exclusion zone already existing on the site, then a zone of distortion under the monster does not form, but instead an explosion takes place, causing significant damage.

Nerig’Khor goes into a rage, choosing an random player and pursues it. Attacks from the boss in this state cause enormous damage. – “RUUUNNNN like a Chicken!”

The boss prepares and makes a powerful blow to the ground, damaging all the characters of the players around him.

Astral Storm Phase

When the boss loses some of his health, he starts an astral storm. A lot of lightning strikes the entire site. Escape from the storm can only be in the areas of astral distortion. However, the zones disappear with time.

Nerig’Khor chooses an arbitrary astral sphere and drinks energy from it. The energy of the sphere makes the boss invulnerable, but the sphere itself becomes accessible for destruction. At death, the sphere generates a God spark

When Nerig’Khor’s health becomes critically low, he goes into the astral plane and takes with him all the characters. The boss’s health is restored, and the character classes are changed randomly.

In the astral plain, the boss’s abilities remain the same. With the loss of a certain level of health, the boss also starts an Astral Storm (zones of astral distortion will also no longer cause damage). In this phase, Nerig’Khor can die from fatal damage.

How do I get the God spark?

If you destroy one of the astral sphere in the corner, you gain a God spark.

Important: if you switch to the astral zone people get random Classes(and yeah really random)!