Story of Nihaz

The leader of the terrifying and relentless army from the Astral civilisation, a ruthless enemy, capable of teleportation. The avatar of the Demi-urge Nihaz, a terrifying creature from another plane of reality.

Boss Abilities

The Battlefield of the Demi-urge Nihaz

The Boss arena is surrounded with other small circle arenas, where you always fall down.

Metarchu's Curse

The death of any member of the group, and the battle is lost, and you have to begin again.

However, the most terrible boss spells do not change their consistency, and the accumulated knowledge can be used to defeat Nihaz.

– “Remember what you see and forget what you didn’t see.”

The Power of Nihaz

Many abilities of the Avatar of the Demons can be used by two more dangerous images - with modifiers "Astral Exile" or "Astral Curse". To understand exactly how the boss uses this ability, pay close attention to the runes above his heads. If they are colored yellow, then Nihaz uses the "Astral Exile", and if red - then "Astral Curse". In the first case, one of the characters can see important features of Nihaz spells and help the group survive. In the second case, none of the group is able to see all the important aspects of the spell. However, thanks to Archean's spell, the Astral Curse features can be learned and dealt with in the next attempt. Between his attacks, the boss periodically calls to the battlefield astral assistants. These dangerous opponents are surrounded by a shield and attack an arbitrary target. Their attacks gradually slow down the character. To remove the shield, the tank must transfer the aggression of the monsters to himself.

Astral Connection

At the beginning of the fight, Nihaz chooses two characters of the "Tank" class and marks them with marks. One of the labels appears on the boss himself. Attacking the avatar on a character with a label that does not match the boss's label will be very dangerous. With the passage of time, Nihaz will periodically change the label chosen by him.

A Ray of Agony

Nihaz screams, forcing all the characters to scatter in horror, and then launches the beam into one of the characters. The astral bosses of the boss fly around the edges of the platform and release clots of energy. If these clumps fall into the area of ​​the beam, scattered around the boss's target, they will explode, damaging all the characters around. Before using the Ray of Agony, the boss hangs an astral bomb on two characters. If a character with an astral bomb touches a clot or an area of ​​a scattered beam, the bomb will explode and cause great damage to all around.

The Power of the Demi-Urge

The Wrath of the Demi-Urge

Nihaz swings and makes a powerful blow to the center of the arena. From the impact, a wave is created, which carries everyone in its path. During the preparation for the attack in the arena, an air dome is formed, under which you can hide from the incoming wave.

After pronouncing all the spells, the boss falls into a rage, gradually increasing its damage. After a while, Nihaz removes Astral marks from the characters of the "Tank" class, and his damage to them becomes higher.

The Power of Nihaz: Special Abilities

A Ray of Agony
Nobody can see who the bombs are on. The goal of the bombs do not change during the entire stay of the group in the Adventure.

The Power of the Demi-urge
  No one sees an air dome until the wave has passed over it. On the site there are special runes, along which you can remember where the dome is located. The positions of the dome do not change during the entire stay of the group in the adventure.

Astral Storm
Nobody sees the mark on the characters

A Ray of Agony
Only the exile sees who the astral bombs are on.

The Power of the Demi-urge
  Only the exile sees where the air dome is

Astral Storm
Only the exile sees what tags are on the other characters


The Battlefield of Bel´Faar

The Battlefield is surrounded by Towers and Symbols.

The demon jumps aside, covers itself with a shield and directs to the nearest target twice the intensity of attacks received. Strengthening stops working if you move the boss to 5% health.

When Bel’Faar’s health falls below 75%, he summons 3 aggressor sorcerers who heal him.

After a short preparation, Bel’Faar deals damage to all enemies and places a death mark on them. Each new hit on the mark on the character updates the time it takes. 3 collected tags instantly kill the character.

The demon jumps into the center of the court, activates a shield that absorbs 20% of damage dealt to it, and begins to summon clots of the astral. Each clot it receives increases the damage absorption by 20%. If the boss gets 4 clots, he will become invulnerable and begin a long attack on the entire party.

When the boss has not collected clots, he pushes everyone who is next to him, away. Clots themselves can be caught before they reach the boss. The character who caught the clot receives a small amount of damage and the player’s loses control for a few seconds.

The boss jumps into the center of the court and begins a massive attack, which every 2 seconds causes increasing damage. To avoid damage, you need to get into the zone, the rune of which coincides with the a character’s rune.

Difference between Champion and Training Avatars

  • Nihaz deals less damage in Training Avatar instance.
  • The version of Astral Curse that spawns Astral domes is now activated sooner. It allows players to find the safe areas sooner and complete the adventure faster, in the Training Avatar instance.
  • you need less Damage to breaks Nihaz’s shield in Training Avatar instance.