Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Zuul’Gohar

The Hell – The boundaries of the Arena are burning.Fire is dangerous for both the immortals and the demons themselves. – “Ouch ouch ouch, hot stuff flying through, I wonder, do Demons burn?”

From the fire, periodically a clot of magma is born, pursuing a random character.

Zuul’Gohar calls for the Fury of Revenge or Stormlessness. Both demons are covered with a practically impenetrable shield and can be protected by the same shield as their master. Use fire to destroy the protective veils of the demons, and magma to bring down the shield from Zuul’Gohar.

Furies creates an increasing amount of demonic zones of alienation. The zone can be destroyed with smouldering embers, periodically appearing at the edges of the site.

Every 5 seconds, the demon makes the alienation zones pulsate, destroying all the characters in their zone of action.

Zuul’Gohar charges for a while, then jumps into the center of the arena, creating a powerful wave that repels your party members and calls demons to the edges of the arena.

The demon creates in front of itself a set of astral domes that expand and explode, causing damage to all around. After losing some health, the aberration will change – periodically, Zuul’Gohar will jump into the center of the site, draw to himself all the characters and create aberrations around him.

Zuul´Gohar flies into the air and summons a multitude of fireballs, that start moving around the site. Fireballs deal damage and superimpose the effect of burning on player characters. At a certain level of this effect, the character panics.

When the health of Zuul’Gohar falls to a critical level, it absorbs the protective shells of God sparks and restores health to itself. After this, the demon becomes enraged and after a while makes a powerful impact on the site, destroying all enemies.

How do i get the Godspark?

You can collect the God spark when Zuul´Gohar heals up and the shield on the sparks disappear.
After you collect  the 3 God sparks you have only few seconds to Burst him from 100% to 0% again.