Heavy Hydra Executor

Story of the Heavy Hydra "Executor"

Heavy Hydra “Executioner” – a real weapon of devastation. Gorgonides resort to it only in the most desperate of situations, because of the complexity of assembly and transportation to rebellious worlds.

Boss Abilities

The Hydra head bites the player with the highest aggression, twice.

The first bite inflicts normal damage, the second bite will hit through ANY protection (for example. Alchemist Terminal (from Alchemist), Sacred Barrier (from Lightbinder), Aegis of Light (from Paladin).

The blood of the Hydra infects the target, making it vulnerable to following Tearing Bites. The infection also heals the target over time.

The 3 heads of the Hydra focus the a player of the “Tank” Class and shoot at it with a Laser Volley, inflicting enormous damage.

This ability can be stopped by other players of the “Tank” class, exchanging aggression. If the group does not have a “Tank” class player, the Hydra choose a random target.

Hydra forms above the Hydra, forms a ball of Unstable Substance, which once charged, is released, which launches into a random player, located at a distance of more than 20 meters from it. 

Having reached the point, the ball explodes, dealing damage and bouncing players around the target. 

At the site of the explosion, a puddle of Unstable Substance then forms on the ground, which heals players who stand in it, and last up to 10 seconds, after which time substance changes its properties and begins to cause damage to anyone standing in it.
NOTE: When the Hydra is selecting a target, if it turns out that there are less than 4 players at a distance of 20 meters, the unstable substance will fly to a random target instead.

The “Executioner” falls into a rage and begins an Earthquake, causing increasing damage to all characters. 

NOTE: The hydra applies this ability if there are no living player characters near it.

The Lottery begins every time the Hydra loses 20% of its Health (for example 80% health, 60% health, etc).

It fires an area of effect attack which changes the classes of every player in the party(who is still alive) to a random different class.

After 10 minutes. the boss goes into a rage and increases his damage several times.

How to get the Godspark?

In this Distortion you don’t gain any God sparks or God spark particles. There is no Divine form used at all.