Hyscena the Torturer

Story of Hyscena

Crespion commanders are one of the most brutal and devastating warriors in the Gorgonide army, but Hyscena the Torturer is cruel even by their standards. 

In Telurgan, she was an inquisitor and executioner, and in her free time, for the sake of creative expression, invented new types of torture.

Boss Abilities


Hyscena is covered with an impenetrable armor.

All the assistants of Hyscena have three levels or ranks of preparation. 

The higher this level, the more dangerous the abilities of each Crespion become.

Crespions will raise their level after special conditions have been met.

If one of the Crespions die, they will return to life, while sacrificing their shield for a while. From the dead Crespion, a divine spark will fall out.

The other Crespions increase their current level by one. The revived Crespion has their level reset to the first rank.

Hyscena accelerates and rushes at a random player, leaving a burning trail on the ground behind where she had come from. 

During the rush, the boss can cause damage not only to the players in your team, but also to the other Crespion assistants in the path of the attack.

Crespion Abilities

Ethara - The Trapmaster

Ethara throws a net on a random player and immobilizes it. Allied players in your party, can free the captive, by destroying the net.

Ethara casts a suffocating net on a random player, that makes them helpless and inflicts periodic damage to them. 

Allied players in the party, can free the captive by destroying the net.

Ethara throws a net on 2 random players and connects them to each other. This connection attracts one player to the other, dragging them together. As the networks come closer into contact with each other, they begin tightening, and will kill both characters if they meet and touch together. 

NOTE: One of the nets can not be destroyed.

Kryta - The Gunner

Kryta selects 4 random players and fires an orbital shot at them.

Kryta selects 8 random players and launches a powerful orbital shot over them.

Kryta causes a super-powerful orbital strike.

Lamia - The Summoner

The base attacks of this snake weaken the target, reducing all outgoing damage. The effect of its attacks accumulate.

This Viper periodically burrows into the ground and digs out at a random player, knocking down everyone around the player.

This Viper periodically heals Hyscena and gives out a mad scream, frightening all the players standing in the area of the scream.

How to get the God spark?

After Hyscena hits Lamia ,Kryta or Ethara a few times and one of the three dies a God spark appears.
That God can deal 20% damage to Hyscena before the God phase ends, and progresses to the next stage of the instance.
NOTE: You will need to repeat this 5 times to complete the instance.