Kirsa and Rayna

Story of Kirsa and Rayna

Kirsa and Rayna are professional hunters, behind their beautiful facade. On Telurgan, they earned respect by returning runaway men. Even among violent Gorgonides, the Kirsa and Raina clan are known for their cruelty and depravity.

This is the only clan whose members have refused any personal contact with men and basically replenish their ranks by stealing children. Each new hunter is brought up by women in hatred of men and swears that she will never continue her kind with one of them. Such violent warriors could not help attracting Akonita’s attention when she was preparing another invasion of Aelion.

Kirsa and Raina are one of the few members of the clan that were not stolen from their parents, but redeemed from the gladiatorial arena. The girls spent several years there and survived only thanks to an incredibly strong friendship. Having escaped from slavery, they vowed to protect each other for the rest of their days. After one dangerous task, this child’s oath acquired a new meaning: Kirsa and Raina became immortal.

Boss Abilities

The Battlefield of Kirsa and Rayna

The arena of Kirsa and Rayna has one huge cannon in the middle from the arena.

Both Gorgonides get a strong shield periodically.
Their shield can be broken by firing the cannon that’s in the center of the arena at them.

The Gorgonides each simultaneously call a bomb to the Battlefield.
The bombs begin to move towards each other, and if they collide, they will shatter into lots of fragments, hitting and slowing down player characters.

If the health of one of the Gorgonides becomes too far below the other, the weakened Gorgonide replenishes health until it reaches the level of the health of its partner.

As soon as the health of one of the Gorgonides falls to 50%, she will sit down in the cannon and begin shelling the player characters.

When one of the Gorgonides die, she will leave behind a God spark. 

The second Gorgonide then falls into a rage, and leaves the cannon. 

In a fury, the Gorgonide deals increased damage, which also gets stronger over time.

Kirsa's Special Abilities

Chained by One Chain

Kirsa selects several players, pulls them together and tethers them to each other with chains. If the chains do not get torn, they will cause damage and knock the characters off their feet.


Kirsa spins her weapon and hits the ground in a cone shape in front of her, stunning all players in the area, and inflicting damage to them.

Rayna's Special Abilities

Laser Trap

Rayna’s laser trap selects a player and after a while knocks them down, at the same time creating a Labyrinth of arrows, around that player. 

If you cross the laser walls of the Labyrinth, the arrows will explode and knock the player characters off their feet, inflicting damage to them.

A hail of arrows

Raina takes aim and releases a fan of arrows. The arrows inflict damage and overturn all affected player characters.

How to get the God Spark?

After Rayna or Kirsa die, they will drop a God spark.

After a player transforms into Divine form, they must kill the shield on the remaining boss before they can burst her down, to defeat her.