Viper Lair

Boss Abilities

The Battle field of the Viper Lair

The entire battlefield is covered with numerous Viper nests. If you hit a nest, several weak but aggressive Vipers will spawn from it.
At first you will meet Irza, the chief protector of the nests, on the battlefield.
Before dying, Irza will summon Oscabon, a powerful successor.
At the start of each instance, the nests will spawn random in random locations around the arena.

The Boss selects a Random Target and spits poison to them.
If the Poison hits an Immortal, the Poison puddles push the Immortals in the area, to the side.

The boss selects the most matured egg in the nest and gives it a shield.

After some time, a strong snake hatches from this egg. While close to the egg, the boss will continue to periodically cover it with a shield.

Sometimes such eggs have divine spark particles. If a character collects three particles, they can get divine form. However, if the snake manages to hatch out of its cocoon with the spark, the spark particle will be lost.

A little while after the start of battle, if any character has transformed into god form, the boss flies into a rage and forces all the egg nests to hatch. In a rage, the boss gradually inflicts more and more damage with basic attacks.

Irza's Special Abilities

Crazy Scream

Causes all members of your team, within a cone area in front, to flee in panic.

Poisonous Shelling

Boss spits out a powerful poisonous burst at a random target. The bursts bounces you and your team members, when it lands on you.

Oscabon's Special Abilities

Hit the ground

Oscabon burrows in the grounds and suddenly jumps out from time to time, pushing aside everyone nearby.


Boss burrows in the ground and begins to periodically bursts out under random targets. Oscabon will also repel any of your team members that are nearby.

How to get the God ?

After Irza or Oscabon spawn the mature egg, you need to collect 3 God spark particles, 1 from each mature egg that becomes available.

Hint: you don´t need to go in the Snake nest. Stay near the edge from the nest and you drain the Spark particle.