Operative Secutor

Story of the Operative Secutor

The Operative Secutor named “Focus” is an extremely dangerous Mechanoid. 

His ability to calculate and correct the situation baffles most of the programs known on Aelion. 

By the way, it is worth remembering, that it is not worth mentioning this to Flavius. The only thing that he wants to do in the name of “progression for the science of Aelion”, is to look at the super complicated processor of the Secutor “Focus” and…

smash it with a hammer, out of frustration!

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of the Operative Secutor

The projected Mechanoid tries to kidnap the player who has the highest amount of aggression towards the Secutor, in an attempt to assist him to defeat the players party. Unfortunately(or is that fortunately) the laser can only pull as fast a player can move.

There is a portal in the center of the map that remains until the Secutor is defeated, that increases in size the longer the battle lasts.

Crossing the border will teleport the immortal into a parallel dimension, to escape they must defeat the Mechanoid located within.

There are fragments scattered around the portal. Each fragment has an aura surrounding it. If the aura is disturbed by a player, they will be transported into the parallel dimension.

Periodically a projection of the Mechanoid appears in the portal which pulls one of the players in your party, to it, with a laser. The victim can be freed by destroying the projection. Upon being freed from the laser, the player will gain their Divine form for 2 minutes or until Energy Instability phase has ended. 

The Secutor activates the portal.

In its active phase, the portal and the fragments around it begin to collapse, changing the gravity in the arena and launching energy waves that inflict increasing damage. The portal can be stabilized by a player in their Divine form, who can use their Divine strength to destroy the Unstable Fragments.

The Secutor places a marker under a chosen player and repeatedly shoots at them, inflicting damage.

The Secutor places several markers around the chosen player, then seconds later teleports all players who have strayed into these territories.

The Secutor marks a random player or several players, depending on the progression of the fight.

The mark exists for a limited time. Once it ends, it produces an electric discharge that inflicts damage. The attack inflicts increased damage and bounces from player to player, in hopes of defeating them all. 

When the fight starts, a separation marker appears around each of the players in your party. Any player that enters another players zone will be knocked back.

How do I get the God spark?

The God spark will be given automatically to the player that is being pulled during the Magnetism of Another Dimension phase, once the Mechanoid projection is defeated.

If the players fail to defeat the projection, the pulled player gets transported into the parallel dimension and his allies must survive the oncoming phases, without a God to assist them.


  • Excerpts have been extracted from posts on the Russian Skyforge Forums