Scissor Saboteur

Story of the Scissor Saboteur

No reconnaissance force can do without an experienced saboteur. The army of the Mechanoids are no exception!

The Scissor Saboteur “Target” has been seen in several skirmishes with Aelion’s Templars, and each time he managed to leave battle without a single scratch. 

It’s time to disassemble this Mechanoid, to be sure that it will not blow up anything else!

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of the Scissor Saboteur

The arena is a split into nine, even squares. This is more commonly noticed during the Land Mines phase.

What does that remind you of?

 A God spark appears on the map, hidden from the eyes of all players in the party. A random party member will gain a temporary ability to help them find it during this time, but an immortals eyes are not powerful enough for vision of the God spark and only a radar is available to you that will show the location of the spark.

At the same time, a special summoned Oculat is searching for the spark. If the player finds the spark first, they will activate their Divine form until the next spark phase is initiated.

If the Oculat finds it first, it will pass it to the Scissor Saboteur, increasing its damage output and providing it with a shield.

The boss places 9 mines around the map. They have a timer indicator above them, displaying how long until they shall explode. Once they explode, they can inflict  fatal damage to all players that are in the square area around them. There are bombs that are not protected by an impenetrable shield which can be destroyed before they explode. 

Defeat or die!

Before random mines appear, mine protection circle appear randomly around the arena, that provide a shield to the mines that will be summoned in their place, if they are not deactivated in time. The protective circles must be disabled before the bombs pop up.

The boss pulls in players that are far away, and knocks back those who are close to it, inflicting significant damage to all players who are close to him during this time.

The boss immobilizes the player that is farthest away, making them immune to shields. If the laser is not interrupted after the victim has been caught, it inflicts damage in that players direction. The damage is inflicted to only one target in the area of effect.

Bombs will appear periodically on the platform, hidden from the eyes of immortals. Only a player in his Divine form can reveal their location to his allies. If you are close to a land mine when it explodes, you will receive significant or even fatal damage from their explosion.

How do I get the God spark?

During the Living Radar phase, a player must search the map to find their God spark.

Hint: Green is hot, Red is cold.


  • Excerpts extracted from posts on the Russian Skyforge Forums