Secret Oculat

Story of the Secret Oculat

 Okulatov – the eyes and ears of the army of mechanoids. The subtleties of the work of their reconnaissance modules have not been thoroughly investigated. Usually it is possible to get only ordinary, serial okulata, and in them anything interesting can not be found any more. Complex models represent an extremely high level of danger, and therefore even their remains prefer not to be stored for more than five minutes. Here and now the instructions are issued as follows: destroy the secret osculate “Double” to the last chip.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of the Secret Oculat

This boss will constantly create copies of itself, make sure to always keep track of the real one!

His name is Double, remember it or PERISH!

The Oculat splits into mirror images of itself that are all shielded. They each do a basic lightning attack on a random player.

Once the shield is broken on the real Oculat the mirror versions disappear.

The Oculat creates copies itself that restore its health if they are in close proximity to it.

The Oculat creates a copy of itself that is shielded and will start attacking one of the closest players to it, periodically. It will attack this players, until the shield on this copy is broken.

The Oculat moves to the middle of the arena and activates lasers that rotate around it, either clockwise or counter clockwise, and reach all the way to the edge of the arena. 

At the same time, the Oculat creates copies of itself. One copy will slow down all players, while the other will stun them until they are freed by fellow players in your party.

How do I get the God spark?

When the shield on the real Oculat is broken during the Holographic Copies phase a Divine Spark will drop. An immortal must pick up the spark to transform into divine form.


  • Excerpts extracted from posts on the Russian Skyforge Forums