Alciona and Melia

Story of Alciona and Melia

When the army of the sea first encroached on the lands of Elion, seven sisters-naiads, full of determination, fought in the front rows for every inch of such a desired land. But the war takes its toll. Only two of them remained alive, Alciona and Melia, and they vowed to avenge themselves by all means.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield in Alciona and Melia

Beware of the geysers scattered throughout the map, you never know when they are going to erupt.

Alciona and Melia are surrounded by rows of periodically exploding geysers, damaging all immortals who are in close proximity to them.

If the difference in the health of Alciona and Melia exceed a certain threshold, both Naiads become enraged and begin to attack random party member with a reinforced basic attack.

Alciona and Melia simultaneously launch water jets at one or more players, causing increased damage to all who are in its path.

Furthermore players who are the main target of this ability, lose their ability to hold their weapon due to the strength of the attack.

Each of the sisters trap an unsuspecting player in a water bubble.

Bubble exists for period of time where upon they explode, causing significant damage.

Bubbles that are burst prematurely do not cause damage, to do so they must cross each other’s radius.

Alciona or Melia apply an effect on a chosen player, under the influence of which the player can not attack the sister who applied this effect.

At the death of one of the sisters, the second one will health from part of  slaughtered sisters health.

How do I get the God spark?

After the death of one of the sisters, the immortal who killed her, has their Divine form activated. it lasts until the end of the battle, or you die.