Lorro the Cold

Story of Lorro the Cold

This creature is dangerous not only for the residents of Elyon, but also for the kinsmen. Uncontrolled fury once had him draw strength against his fellow tribesmen. To protect himself, but not to abandon such a ferocious warrior, the sage Latan suggested to the lord of storms to enclose the kelp-warrior in an ice shell, reliably curbing raging rage. Since then, he is called Lorroe Cold.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield in Lorro the Cold

It is recommended to know where the consoles are located and which key each of the symbols appear on.

Periodically the frost generator overloads causing it to freeze the map. During this phase players will receive damage, and Lorro freezes solid, as well as becomes immune to damage. The generator can be turned off with the help of 10 control panels located along the perimeter of the platform.

The arena is gradually filled with frozen puddles, slowing down and causing increased damage to the players. When the arena is warm, puddles will melt, leaving an after effect that will inflict damage over time to players who walk through them.

3 times during the fight, Lorro goes down on to his front paws and lets out a piercing scream, all players who are hit by his sound wave will become dazed.

Lorro pulls all opponents towards him, those who do not flee fast enough are frozen. Players can be freed by their allies.

Lorro draws all players towards him and then pushes them away.

When Lorro’s health drops below 30% he no longer has the strength to hold the God spark within his body, and the spark falls out to a random location within the arena. 

Lorro freezes all the allies of the God, in an attempt to subdue and defeat the God.

3 times in a row, Lorro uses Water explosion on all allies of the God in a last ditch attempt to subdue him. 

How do I get the God spark?

The God spark is obtained at the beginning of the Priceless loss phase. The God spark can be picked up by any player in the party and will transform the player who picks it up, into their Divine form, until the battle has ended.