Story of Nautilus

Nautilus is one of the oldest and most powerful Kraken ever seen. He even managed to rally together the remnants of the Oceanid army to continue their attacks on the lands of Aelion.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Nautilus

Always be aware of your surroundings you never know when or where a line of bubble might appear.

Nautilus creates 5 purple energy balls around him and starts to consume them one by one, however he can only consume them from a limited distance.

If all 5 balls are absorbed, Nautilus activates geysers that damage all immortals on the map.

The Nautilus suspends several players in water bubbles, in which only the players who are on the outside of the bubbles, can destroy the them. If a player is next to a player on whom the effect is imposed, the players who is beside the effected players are thrown back and also imprisoned.

Nautilus periodically creates tear drops that are thrown at a chosen player once every second, creating a puddle upon impact. The puddle remain for quite a long time and inflict periodic damage if you stand within one. If a puddle already exists in that locations another puddle will not be spawned there.

Nautilus creates waves of huge water balls that sweep across the arena and inflict damage on the immortals caught in their path.

Sometimes the waves contain a God spark particle. If you collect enough of these particles, you will temporarily transform into your Divine form.

With each repetition of this phase, you will be required to collect more and more particles to be able to transform into your Divine form.

After bubble waves end, Nautilus calls on packs of monsters of the army of the sea, and all players who are not in a Divine form are imprisoned in a water prison. 

How do I get the God spark?

You need to obtain 3 God spark particles, displayed in the Water Madness phase. Each successful collection, increases the amount of fragments needed to obtain Divine form the next time around, by one.