Story of Tol-Monter

The Great God of the Oceanids, he has absorbed many Immortals and killed his own father to become the Great God,  Tol-Montor

Boss Abilities

Boss 1: Marena, Tol-Monter's Bodyguard

Battlefield of Marena

In the middle of this round Arena, you can find Marena

Marena peroidically summons bubble that will cage random players in your party.
You can Escape with a CC-Immunity ability or the player who has “Chain lightning” on their character, can free your fellow team members by approaching the bubble.

Marena activates a Chain Lighting effect on random players in your party.
This leaves a visual Mark above the head of a player, and that player should stand behind a player trapped inside a bubble prison to free players from the prison.

Marena stops attacking and summons forth Health orbs. If Marena collects these orbs, she will restore her life. Try to catch them before she does.

Boss 2: Protheus, Sea Lord

Battlefield of Protheus

In the middle of a round arena you will find Protheus. Around the border of the arena are Khelp hatching points.

Protheus orders the seas to hatch Khelp to assist him. These Khelp spawn from their birth place around the border of the arena.

The Khelp are hatched very fast. These Khelp can be destroyed before they hatch, with Protheus’s “Chain Lightning” (if you’re quick enough).

Protheus creates a Chain Lighting effect on the player who is the farthest from him.
When Protheus’s health reaches roughly 60%, he summons a huge Thunderous Chain Lightning that is applied to all players.

Protheus chooses random 2 players, who have either Wind or Thunder effect applied to them. This effect is followed by 2 vortexes, one of Wind and 1 of Thunder, which must be brought together to cancel out the vortexes. 
Watch where you’re walking, these vortexes hurt, a lot.

At 80%, 60% and 40% health, Protheus disarms all players, and creates a Maze of Waves.

During this time, Protheus is protected with a shield. You need to navigate this living maze, collect your Weapon and break his shield, to move onto the next phase of battle.

Khelp Racing: Follow Tol-Monter

After defeating Protheus,Tol-Montor arrives and assists Protheus to escape.

Now players much follow them from on top of a Khelp. There are different 3 mounts. All 3 mounts have 2 abilities, Fast Jump and a Special Ability.

Screaming Ability

Shield Ability

Wallbomb Ability

Screaming Ability You receive reduced damage from colliding with Khelp egg´s

This mount grants you and your whole team a huge shield.

This mount has a Special Ability that will allow you to explode any walls you may encounter.

After you successfully navigate the Khelp race, you will only be required to face one more Special Boss before you arrive at Tol-Montor.

Naiad Guardian

The Naiad Guardian concentrates and throws out a powerful wave, which attacks in a single line of sight direction. Watch closely, for all players caught in line with this attack shall find they will quickly need to learn how to swim (or in most cases accompanied by water, die).

The Naiad summons bubbles which if reach the boss, a buff that increases damage, will be applied.
Players can collect these special bubbles and receive the buff themselves instead. Choose wisely.


Battlefield of Tol-Monter

The Arena of Tol-Montor can be quite quickly destroyed by Tol-Montor.

If the enough of the platform gets broken by Tol-Montor, he can destroy the entire platform and you will need to restart the fight.

Tol-Montor collects water from the environment and once he has collected enough, he uses that water to flush all players (and enemies) out of the arena. You can hide from this effect under a well timed ability from Protheus’s Trident’s bubble ability.

To assist Tol-Monter, Protheus creates a lightning storm and hits all players in the arena.

At random intervals Tol-Monter will summon enemies to the arena battlefield.

Several times during the fight, Tol-Montor summons some of his strongest allies to battle against you and your team members.

Tol-Montor headbutts the arena floor. If Tol-Montor hits a player, he pushes that player into the ground. Other players around the area of effect are flung into the air.

During Tol-Montor’s Bite phase, he will also throw his tail around, breaking up random parts of the arena.

Using Protheus’s Trident

You can use this ability anytime.
You collect Energy of all Khelps destroyed around you. This Energy allows you to use different abilities:

  • Dome of Protection
  • Protheus’s Curse
  • Wrath of Protheus

To use this ability you need ~20 Khelp energy.
You generate a Protective Dome for the Ocean’s Breath phase.

If you Collect enough Khelp Energy: ~25 Khelp Energy,
you can stun any Krakens that have spawned, and apply a debuff to them, so they take more damage from you and your team members, for short amount of time.

You can use this ability once when Protheus’s Trident has reached a full charge of Energy.
You will throw Protheus’s Trident at Tol-Monter, stunning him, and allowing you and your team members to be able to deal damage to him.

How do I get the God spark?

After you hit Tol-Monter with with Wrath of Protheus ability, he will drop 2 God sparks near the front of the arena.