Wise Latanu

Story of Wise Latanu

According to intelligence reports, Latanu is one of the oldest Ongs. The knowledge he has accumulated over centuries of life is extremely important for the Oceanids, and therefore the warriors of the sea are highly concerned about his safety. For the safety of Aelion, it is extremely desirable to destroy this knowledge with its carrier.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Wise Latanu

Explanations of the Arena and what is important to know.

Wise Latanu surrounds himself with an impenetrable dome that can only be entered through special portals located around the outside of this dome.

The number of portals is limited, and they disappear once combat begins. Players in their Divine form can walk freely through the dome due to their Divine strength.

Outside of the dome there will be multiple clutches of eggs placed around the arena. Wise Latanu, feeling threatened by the players on your team, summons monsters out of them, that attack your fellow team members who have remained outside the dome.

Multiple times during the battle, Wise Latanu will swap the players who are in the dome with the players who are outside of the dome.

Wise Latanu creates around himself a water whirlwind, which inflicts periodical damage to all players who are within its range.

Wise Latanu starts to let loose with a cry of anger. All players who are in its path are temporarily stunned.

Wise Latanu chooses a random player, and begins shooting a water drop at them. 

Upon impact with the ground, the water drop creates a puddle, which will inflict damage over time to any player that enters its area of effect.

Wise Latanu shrinks back into a tight coil and then lashes outward, unleashing two aggressive waves, 1 in-front and another behind him. The waves deal damage in a rectangular area of effect. 

Periodically there are strengthened spheres of health orbs that appear under the dome. They are protected from allowing players inside the dome from using them, but they can be thrown outside the dome so players outside can obtain them. When a God passes through the Impenetrable Dome, the shield on the remaining spheres, is removed and they can be picked up by players who are outside. 

In one of the clusters of eggs, sometimes there is a God spark located within it. Wise Latanu calls for additional God sparks near that cluster, and the dome around him narrows and shrinks in size.

After a while, he begins to use Water Whirlwind, from which, under the shrunken dome, no player can hide.

Once the dome increases again, Wise Latanu will be shielded upon the appearance of a God spark.

The God spark must be thrown under the dome, so that a player inside the dome can activate their Divine form to break Latanu’s shield. Players can only pick up a God spark to activate their Divine form, once per fight.

When Wise Latanu has only a small amount of health remaining, he no longer has the strength to hold onto the remaining God spark within his body, causing it to fall out and at the same time as Impenetrable Dome fails. The Water Whirlwind phase now attracts ALL players who are not in their Divine form. 

How do I get the God spark?

During the Priceless Find phase a God spark will appear once that cluster has been defeated.

If furthest clusters are defeated, one or two more God sparks may be obtained.

NOTE: Players outside the dome cannot receive the God spark themselves, they must throw it to their allies who are under the dome.