Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Caryolis

The Battlefield of Caryolis is a regular Distortion arena layout without any special environmental effects.

Caryolis creates long areas over the ground, in which a significant number of thorns will grow, inflicting a lot of damage and poisoning, all players who hit by this attack. 

They can appear in front, behind, to the left or to the right of Caryolis, so pay close attention.

Cariolis applies poisonous spikes upon random players, that spin around character. These spikes inflict periodic damage to the player but can be removed by special class abilities. 

Summons one or more Triffids that lock onto a random player and begin persuit of that player, chasing them around the arena. 

If they collide with that player (or another player runs into the Triffid), the Triffid will explode and cause a significant amount of damage to everyone in 7 meters/yards, around the explosion.

During this phase Caryolis returns to the center of the arena and goes under ground. When he resurfaces he has a shield applied, which must be destroyed to obtain a God spark. All players should be close to Caryolis during this phase, and all players should remember to watch their backs.

Used in the phase of dangerous rebirth. Caryolis chooses a random player and begins to pursue them. 

If Caryolis catches the player,  they are overturned and received a great amount damage. During the pursuit, the Caryolis releases many small Thorn tornadoes that fly apart and periodically increase in size, inflicting damage to all who are hit.

How do I get the God spark?

When you have the Dangerous rebirth phase you need to destroy Caryolis’s shield.

If you break the shield, the boss will drop a God spark. After this has been accomplished, the God’s task is now to kill all Triffids that spawn.