Story of Malicenia

Malicenia is one of the most dangerous, carnivorous Diones to ever exist. Until quite recently no one would have thought that a flower could cause harm or even bite. But since the invasion of Phytonides, this has become reality.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Malicenia

The Battlefield of Malicenia is a regular Distortion arena, in the beginning. Pay close attention to each phase, and you’ll see.

Malicenia calls for a variety of roots that abruptly appear from under the ground in a cone shape in front him, that cause damage to all players who are in line with the attack. 

Malicenia summons roots, which will pursue a random player around the arena for a short period of time.

Malicenia charges up and makes a powerful leap, attempting to land on a random player, and knocking everyone down, who is within the area of the effect (where he lands).

In random locations around the arena, there will be random areas of roots, with a Triffid in each. These Triffids will remain in their location as long as they’re not disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will summon Diones, which will then begin chasing the player who disturbed them.

In an attempt to save the forces squandered during battle, Malicenia sends a God spark, to a random Triffid. This spark can collected, but the Triffid, enhanced by the sparks energy, will also summon a lot of Diones. 

If spark is not collected, the Triffid will still summon a lot of Diones, and the spark will continue to move around the arena, to the Triffid next door.

Road of Pain

Malicenia calls for a variety of roots that abruptly appear from under the ground in the cone in front of it and cause damage to all who stood in their place of occurrence. 

Thorny Threat

Malicenia calls on the roots, which for some time pursue an arbitrarily chosen goal

A tremendous leap

Malicenia is prepared and makes a powerful leap, spreading all the immortals next to you on landing

The lure of the Triffids

On the entire site, in addition to the rare free zones, there are many seemingly not very dangerous Triffids. However, if they are disturbed, they urge far more dangerous diode.

Wandering spark

In an attempt to save the forces squandered in battle, Malicia sends a piece of the divine spark to one of the Triffids. Spark can be selected, but the triffid, enhanced by this energy, will summon a lot of dion. If this is not done, the Triffid will still summon a lot of dion, and the spark will give the Triffid in the neighborhood.

Poisonous Extermination

Malicenia summons forth numerous poisonous mushrooms  that grow and appear around the arena. As soon as the mushrooms form, the floor of the entire arena is filled with poison, but you can remain unharmed if you are quick enough to stand on top of a mushroom. 

This phase has several variations:

Malicenia does not produce any actions, instead you need to focus and concentrate on surviving through til the end of the phase of the poisonous mushrooms.

Malicenia spits on every player inflicting poison to upon them, which will deal damage to both the target and everyone around.

Malicenia destroys mushrooms.

Malicenia destroys mushrooms. This process of destruction can be stopped. If this is not done, all the mushrooms will be destroyed before the ground beneath their feet ceases to be poisonous.

How do I get the God spark?

During the phase with the Wandering Spark, choose a team member to collect the God spark. The player who transforms into the Divine form, is now tasked with inflicting as much damage as possible to Malicenia while their Divine form is active.