Story of Nephelis

One of the most dangerous units from the Phytonide army is this Entid, named Nephelis.

It alone, can wipe out an entire village or even a small town. You need to deal with this threat as soon as possible.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Nephelis

The entire arena is covered in Phytonide poison, but there are special platforms floating around that players can stand safely on. Thses platforms are very unstable and can hold only one player for a period no longer than 25 seconds, and cannot hold more than one player or it shall almost instantly collapse.

When such a platform is destroyed, after a short while a new platform will spawn in its place. 
In this arena, Nephelis stand in the center of the arena on a bigger, and stable platform.

Every so often, platforms will begin to fall apart, starting from the outside of the arena, working their way towards the platform Nephelis is standing on. 

There are roots spawning on Nephelis’s platform from time to time that immobilize the players that are hit by them, and they will also inflict damage over time to those same players. The roots can be destroyed. There can be up to 5 roots at a time.

Nephelis swings and strikes in the area in front of him. Everyone hit by this attack is knocked over and away from Nephelis.

Nephelis disarms one or more players, throwing those players weapons onto one of the platforms, far from that player. 

Nephelis digs himself into the ground and grows a lot of poisonous flowers. The flowers explode and hit everyone on Nephelis’s platform. This powerful attack disorients all player characters that are in the area of the attack, and they take damage over time for short while.

Nephelis grabs ahold of several players who happen to be standing in front of him and devours them. If a taunting ability is used, it  can make him spit these unfortunate victims out. 

Nephelis throws flowers out onto the platforms in the direction of which he is facing at the time. These flowers will cause fractures in the platforms and eventually make them collapse.

Nephelis selects one or more player, on the small platforms and summons roots around them, creating impassable barriers. To escape, your team members need to destroy the roots. 

When Nephelis has a small amount of health left, he summons 3 Dryads that create a shield around him. The more Dryads are alive, the more damage the shield can absorb. 

How do I get the God spark?

When Nephelis summons Dryads, kill them within a short period of time to collect the God spark particles. If you manage collect all 3 particles, you will transform into your Divine form.
NOTE: If one of the particles is to reach the Boss,  it shall restore a huge amount of health to Nephelis.
To remove the Shield from Nephelis, you need to destroy all Dryads.