Story of Siringe

Siringe manages legions of Phytonides on Aelion. They follow the orders of the Supreme Dryad, unquestioningly. Destroying Siringe, will definitely cause trouble within the ranks of the Phytonides.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Siringe

In the middle of the arena stands Siringe. She does not move and around this Dryad, there are roots that move in 3 circular orbits. When a player is hit by these roots, they will receive damage.

In a random location relative to the boss, buds will periodically grow. If you do not destroy them fast enough, roots will appear around it , which will exist for about 2 minutes.

Siringe periodically changes the rotation direction of the roots around the arena.

Siringe applies an effect on a random player that deals damage over time, and also makes all attacks received from Dryads, for the effects duration, more powerful.

Siringe calls upon the roots, which begin to pursue a random player. These roots will deal damage to all players caught in their path.

Siringe selects several players and applies an effect of stupefying flowers upon these players. If the target is far from the Dryad, it is necessary to approach Siringe, as close as possible.
If the target is next to the Dryad, they should run as far away as possible.
Those who do not have enough time to do this quickly enough, will notice that the flowers will deprive them of control of their character and they will then begin to move in the right direction slowly, right through the center of the orbiting roots.
The targets themselves will now see the stupefying flowers, but all the other members of the group can see them and can warn you that the effect is active.

Siringe loses the God spark due to the wounds received in battle.

A spark is randomly given to one of the players in the group and tranforms them into the Divine form for a very short period time. From the Dryad, a few small God spark particles can also fall out, which any member of the group can collect.

When they are collected, the spark prolongs the Divine form to the God who was tranformed.

The enraged Dryad also calls upon a multitude of roots that damage all players who are not in their Divine form, and applies a shield on itself.

To destroy the roots, you need to remove Siringe’s shield.

Siringe summons 5  flowers to her and throws them outward in a straight trajectory. These flowers will inflict damage to all players who are in their way.

How do I get the God spark?

During the Divine Fury phase a random player will receive the God spark and transform into their Divine form.
God´s task: Destroy the shield on Siringe as fast as you can, after which, IF you have enough time remaining on your Divine form, inflict as much damage as possible to Siringe.

Non-Divine form players task: avoid the roots around the arena including the stalker roots. Siringe will drop God spark particles 2 times, collect them all to ensure your team member in their Divine form has as long as possible to inflict as much damage to Siringe that they can.