Frenzied Carrions

Story of the Frenzied Carrions

From year to year, the thirst for blood of these Carrion’s continues to grow. Over time, this thirst has eclipsed what remained as insignificant grains of reason that they originally possessed. When there were no enemies left around, they attacked anyone who was nearby and tore them to shreds. But this did not quench their thirst for murder.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of the Frenzied Carrions

The Distortion of the Frenzied Carrions is unique to say the least. Will have 3 different fights, which will be battled inside 3 different fields within the arena:

  1. The field of Kharzaar is a small cage fight
  2. The field of  Zurugh is around the small cage fight.  
  3. The field of Utgharkh is the remaining arena space.

One of the Carrions posses an immunity to  receiving damage from the player in their Divine form.

The Frenzied Carrions share their health as a single health pool.

Ghostly skulls will randomly appear, that move around the arena. The longer the fight, the more dangerous the skulls become:
1st stage: Skulls inflict damage.
2nd stage: Skulls inflict damage and cause disorientation to any player hit by one. 
3rd stage: Skull inflict damage, cause disorientation to any player hit, and restore some of the health of the Carrions.  

Trial of the Divine

The Carrion’s attack players with a basic attack, each successful hit leaves a gold mark on them. 

The next hit on the same player with the mark will cause increased amount of damage, and the boss will become enraged. The next time the boss strikes a target, if they don’t have the mark, the enraged Carrion returns to normal.

The Carrions summon 2 ghostly hands. These hands grab two random players and do not allow them to move and use any abilities. If your team members do not destroy both hands, they will cause a significant amount of damage to their victims. One hand can be beaten only by players who are not in their Divine form, the second hand can only be destroyed by a player in their Divine form.

A Carrion curses a random player, marking them with a poisonous mark, and after a while causes that player to received increased damage, which can be avoided by being blessed with a shield from a support role player. If the target is not covered by such a shield, the Carrion will deal damage and will become enraged. 

Special Abilities Kharzaar

Unstable Protection

Most of the time the Carrions are shielded, which greatly reduces incoming damage. Periodically, these shields will disappear, and the Carrions become vulnerable to attacks. 

Special Abilities of Zurugh


Throughout this field, Vird assistants periodically appear who will carry health orbs to the Carrion, to cure and heal it.

Special Abilities of Utgharkh

A Detachment of Suicide

Throughout this field, Virds assistants, carrying bombs, will periodically appear. 

If the Vird is not disturbed, he will ignite the bomb, exploding it (along with himself), inflicting severe to fatal damage to all players in the area of the explosion. 

If the Vird is disturbed using crowd control abilities, they will discard the unexploded bomb and begin to use their base attack on players close by them. 

The bomb can be picked up and thrown at the closest Carrion. 

How do I get the God spark?

From beginning of the instance, you will receive 1 God spark, to allow 1 of your team members to obtain their Divine form at the start of combat, to assist you with solving the Trials of the Frenzied Carrions.

If the Divine form expires, a different member of your team has to collect the next God spark, and continue on with the instance, in place of the original player in their Divine form.