Story of Imenad

Everywhere Imenad passes, gets ravaged by the plague. He destroys those who miraculously escaped the claws of Carrions and escaped the curse of the Reapers. Fortunately, Imenad fell into a Distortion, in which he is locked up for the rest of his days. But woe to those who fall into his spatial prison. The plague driver will doom them to a slow, painful death from disease and spoilage.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of Imenad

In the arena around Imenad, lay piles of corpses, exuding plague.

If the player spends too long next to such a source, he may become infected. Those infected will gradually lose their health, and if they die, it will not be possible to resurrect. 
Periodically plague corpses are resurrected and go towards your party. If the corpse gets close enough, it explodes and infects everyone within the area of the explosion.

The group has access to a portable object – a relic. The relic gives its carrier immunity to infection, and also allows you to periodically cleanse the infection everyone around you.

Imenad condenses the darkness around him and destroys all infected players.

Imenad creates a powerful earthquake, causing waves of fire to ripple across the arena. Those hit by it get knocked back.

Imenad breaks the sacred relic into multiple pieces. It can be restored if you pick up the pieces before they disappear.

Plague skulls occasionally appear from the piles of corpses. The skull chases a player and will infect them if it reaches them before it disappears.

The wounded Imenad loses a God spark. After which, he hides behind an impenetrable shield, and all the space around him becomes infected. The relic protects against the infection and so does its aura, which can be activated by the player in their Divine form, that picks up the relic.
During this phase, corpses are revived in great numbers.

How do I get the God spark?

After Imenad hits 70%, he will drop a God spark. It is important that the player in their Divine form picks up the relic. Their job now as God is to kill the revived corpses.

The 2nd spark drops at 40%, same progression before the First God Spark. But this time it is recommend that a player of Tank class picks up the Relic.

Your team mates can now chill reason is in the 2nd God spark phase doesn’t spawn corpses.

The 3rd Spark drops at 10% with a HUGE amount of corpses.
IF you didn’t reach the next God phase fast enough, you may all end up dying.

Important Info: The player in their Divine form will lose their Divine form 10 seconds before the battle is about to move onto the next phase and this is a countdown for the burst time.