Tribe of Shakur

Story of the Tribe of Shakur

A long time ago a number Virds were trapped inside a distortion. Over time, their population grew, they dug burrows and formed a tribe. Today, their chief is Shukur the Black Tooth. For years, his 2 sons and 4 grandsons have been plotting a take over to become the new leaders but they cannot decide on how they would share power.  –  Kill 1 head and 2 more appear.

Boss Abilities

Battlefield of the Tribe of Shakur

The Battlefield of this Distortion is that of a regular arena, except in the North, East and West are Vird Lairs which can spawn Virds.

Shakur chooses a random player standing in the distance and jumps at them, dealing damage that player, and all players who are within a 5 meter/yard radius area, leaving an effect on the target that will cause a small amount damage over a short period of time. 

Shakur stomps on the ground dealing damage to all players that are hit by this effect, which is noticeable as a cross-shaped area of 26 meters/yards on the ground around him.

Randomly throughout the fight, Shakur will receive a Mark on him, which lasts for 10 seconds. If a new player does not grab his attention (aggression) during this phase, he will enter an enraged state, where he will inflict higher amount of damage to all players hit by any of his attacks. 
To gain aggression, it is usually beneficial to have a couple of players of the Tank class, so they can quickly switch the aggression of Shakur between them.

After 15 minutes of combat, if Shakur hasn’t been defeated, he will become enraged, inflicting higher amounts of damage to all players, that are hit by any of his attacks. 

Special Abilities of Shakur


Shakur chooses one of the players in your team, who is standing near him, and begins to pursue them for a short while, striking them with sweeping blows from his axe. While Shakur is Obsessed, he inflicts higher amounts of damage.

Special Abilities of Ursag and Ruga

Urgag or Rugha will throw an axe in the direction of their target (a random player in your party), which, when landing, cleaves the ground and releases rot from its blade in a radius of 5 meters/yards. 

This Rotten Fault, deals damage and disorients any player character who comes into contact with it, for a short period of time.

Ursag or Ruga temporarily gain a shield. If you do not remove the shield in time, that boss will become enraged, and remain in that state until the end of combat (or everyone dies).

Special Abilities of Ching, Getush, Kushar and Tar


Either Ching, Getush, Kushar or Tar, will choose one of the players in your team, who is standing near him, and begins to pursue them for a short while, striking them with sweeping blows from his axe. While this boss is Obsessed, he will inflict higher amounts of damage.

How do I get the God spark?

Every time you kill a boss, they will drop God spark. There is no timer for this particular Divine form phase, and it will remain active either until the Distortion has been completed or everyone dies.

You will have the opportunity to have up to 6 players who are able to transform into their Divine form throughout this Distortion.

Rotation is the key to the winning.