Battle of Golems

5 v 5 arena

Win the Battle of Golems. Equipment properties and symbols work here, but Hyperion modules, consumables, and divine form are forbidden.

The teams are split into 5 players on each side, at one end each of the arena. On each end of the arena lies a special building called a “Repeater” that is protected by 4 towers. In the middle of the arena is a Bridge.
Under the Bridge a boss can spawn roughly every 12 minutes. If you kill the boss it will drop a God spark.

The enemy team can interrupt you picking up the God spark anytime with their abilities.

The “Repeater” creates small robotic Golems.
If you are able to kill 15 of your opponents small robotic Golems, your “Reapeter” will spawn a Great Golem.

While the Great Golem is on the battlefield, the counter to spawn a new Great Golen, temporarily stops.

You win the “Battle of Golems” when you destroy the enemies towers and “Repeater”.